South Tyrol Mountain Race:

illabassa/Niederdorf becomes the centre of the mountain bike scene in the Alpine region during the Dolomiti Superbike weekend. The meeting place is the Expo site in the historical village centre. Mountain bikers and exhibitors from all over the world meet here days before the actual bike race and talk shop about the right tyres, perfect set-up and fastest lines in the downhills.

After the bike race is before the bike race: the MTB race in South Tyrol starts on Saturday from the Expo site as well as the Junior Trophy on Sunday. The pasta party after the race also takes place near the Expo site and as insiders know, it’s at least as legendary as Dolomiti Superbike itself! In short: the whole programme for the MTB race in South Tyrol takes place on the Expo site. Villabassa/Niederdorf simply meets all the requirements for a great mountain bike celebration for all fans of mountain biking!

You can actually mountain bike anywhere and enter and organise bike races more or less anywhere too, remember to take everything for an emergency. But a bike race that has been among the crème de la crème of bike races throughout Europe for more than 20 years and breaks records for numbers of entrants year after year is not a product of chance but rather the result of meticulous course planning combined with a unique landscape and perfect organisation.

As a result, Dolomiti Superbike is well-known as a bike race where the technical difficulties are kept within limits and therefore amateur bikers also get their money’s worth and where at the same time it is challenging enough to push professionals and ambitious athletes to their limits.

The fact that participants in the Dolomiti Superbike can ride the Dolomites and some of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site’s most beautiful spots into the bargain during the MTB race probably also contributes to its legendary status. Prato Piazza/Plätzwiese, Landro, the view towards the Three Peaks, Lago di Dobbiaco/Toblacher See, Monte San Candido/Innichberg and Sesto/Sexten are pretty unbeatable as backdrops for a MTB race in South Tyrol.

We released the first South Tyrol Mountain Race Tech demo.
This is only a Demo with only one Track and one Car to select from.

But anyway: Enjoy it!

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