3D modelling in different Software Packages, static Renderings, Realtime Renderings, Game Asset creation etc…

3D Modelling

I create custom 3D Models from any Reference (Blueprints, Photos, Images etc.).
Can do High Poly – Low Poly Modelling, Texture Baking an UVW- Unwrapping.
Remeshing / Retopology of Photogrammetry Models with Normal Maps baking

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Unwrapping and Texturing

The 3D Models gets unwrapped and textured using different Software packages using a PBR Workflow.
The Models are then ready for Realtime Software like Unreal, Unity, Godot…. etc.
They can also be used for Render Projects.

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Architectural Visualizations, static Renderings of given Floorplans, Realtime Renderings.

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