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The Church

New Project in my Portfolio: The Church - Historical Reconstruction This is a Realtime 3D Reconstruction of a Church in my Hometown. The Project is made in Unity3D for WebGL. Here is the Link to my Portfolio Section. (not finished yet)

The Church2016-06-01T14:44:39+02:00

New Project: Derby Club – Sterzing/Vipiteno by “qbic” Architecture

I made this little thing a few days ago. Goal was to deliver in a very short amount of time some sort of "CONCEPT" of how a Building would look like if we put some COR-TEN panels in the front of it to hide the old Facade. This is what comes out. Take a look

New Project: Derby Club – Sterzing/Vipiteno by “qbic” Architecture2016-10-23T18:45:45+02:00
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