Project Description

This was my last little Project. Derby Club – a little Discoteque in my Hometown.
The Goal was to show the client in a very short amount of time, 1 Day, how a Building will look like with some panels in the front to hide the old facade of the building.

After a short visit to the location and some pictures i started the model. The Architect provided me with some good CAD drawings that i was able to use in 3dsMax. So the modeling part was not that hard. For the roof i used the AVIZ Studio plugin, its free and can be downloaded here. I found this thing very useful and will use it more in the future. Probally i lost myself a little bit by addinbg to mutch detail for a “CONCEPT” scene like this but… The client was happy and everything was fine in the end.

All the Textures are made by myself. You can search but you will never find exactly the Texture, Picture you are looking for, in my opinion, you can download something similar and then tweak it but i personally think that it would be better to make everything from scratch.

Overall Progress:

QBIC Architecture, QBIC Architecture