Project Description

The ultimate sniper and sport special for highly accurate long distance shooting

The CZ TSR model comes in the powerful 7,62×51 mm NATO caliber (.308 Win.) and is our latest answer to the armed forces’ call for extremely accurate shooting at 500 to 800 meters. Its design is focused on a single purpose – reliably hit a target under any and all circumstances.

Main features CZ TSR:

  1. Thick walled, cold hammer forged barrel with SUB-MOA accuracy
  2. Adjustable 2-stage trigger
  3. Helical bolt fluting
  4. Precisely shaped bolt handle
  5. Folding shoulder stock
  6. Adjustable comb
  7. Pistol grip with replaceable backstraps
  8. Fully adjustable butt pad
  9. Interchangeable bolt handle ball
  10. 7,62×51 NATO 10-round magazine
  11. STANAG 4694 mounting rails
  12. M18x1 muzzle thread with highly effective compensator

Overall Progress: