New Project: Derby Club – Sterzing/Vipiteno by “qbic” Architecture

I made this little thing a few days ago. Goal was to deliver in a very short amount of time some sort of "CONCEPT" of how a Building would look like if we put some COR-TEN panels in the front of it to hide the old Facade. This is what comes out. Take a look

New Project: Derby Club – Sterzing/Vipiteno by “qbic” Architecture2016-10-23T18:45:45+02:00

Particle Pins

Particle Pins is just a Test Scene i made to check out some Particle Flow Operators. I'm just playing with it, maybe some "Great" Idea will come out. I will try to render out the whole Animation. There are 100.000 Pins falling down on a corkboard, once they bounced off 2 times from the Board

Particle Pins2014-11-04T19:00:53+02:00

Cookies3D Logo – Animation

Hallo an alle, habe mal wieder etwas am Start. Diesmal habe ich mich über meine Cookies3D Schrift hergemacht und ein wenig animiert. Das ganze wurde in Realflow erstellt und dann in 3DS-Max mit V-Ray gerendert. Zur Zeit arbeite ich gerade an einer neuen Version mit anderen Materialien usw. Habe hier mal ein Video reingemacht.

Cookies3D Logo – Animation2016-10-23T18:45:45+02:00

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